Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Systems

Systems for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, and ethanol fuel polishing.

Bad Fuel Days Are Over

Today’s diesel engines use high pressure, 27,000 to 35,000 psi fuel injectors with tiny fuel passages which are easily clogged with dirty fuel and damaged by water.

Contaminated fuel microbes

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Selecting the right fuel polishing system for your application:

        • Magnets and filterless devices won't clean fuel to ISO 18/16/13  or remove water to 0.05%

        • Both Caterpillar and Cummins call for fuel to meet or exceed ISO cleanliness levels of 18/16/13 with a water content of less than 0.05%

        • Fueltec’s systems meet or exceed these ISO levels with a one micron primary filter, micro-glass filter/coalescer, and Teflon coated stainless steel hydrophobic water separator. This type of system is commonly used on aircraft jet fuel.

      • When choosing a fuel polishing system; keep in mind that 99% of the contaminates in a fuel storage tank are heavier than the fuel and will be found in the bottom 10% of the tank.
      • You won't have to filter the entire contents of the tank unless the fuel has been disturbed by excessive pumping or the addition of large volumes of fuel. In that case it should settle to the tank bottom within 24 hours.
      • Always select a system that will work best for the tank size that you will service. 
      • And consider the tank access port size for your supply and return fuel lines.
      • If you will be polishing gasoline and ethanol blends as well as diesel you will need an intrinsically safe pneumatic system.
      • When working on large underground diesel storage tanks that may contain heavy sludge you will need a system with a fuel pump designed to pump sludge. Many gear or vane type pumps will be damaged when attempting to pump heavy sludge.
      • Water removal: Ninty nine percent (99%) tank water removal is not enough for todays diesel and gasoline engines. Water content should be less than 50 parts per million. to achieve 50 PPM water separation you need aircraft quality fuel/water separation.
      • Fueltec offers the highest quality systems with best return on investment of anyone in the industry.
      • Fueltec's Mobile Pneumatic tank cleaning and fuel polishing systems are intrinsically safe for all fuels and are also used for remediation of phase separated ethanol blends.  
      • Fueltec's fuel polishing systems can be found at data centers, hospitals, cellular providers, equipment and generator service companies, marinas, boat yards, mines, military installations, government agencies, power companies, and petroleum service contractors.