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  • Keep It Clean and Dry ISO 4406
  • DIESEL tanks contaminated with water causing bacteria and fungus to grow clogging your engine’s fuel filters and damaging fuel injection systems with water and acidic deposits.

Have you changed the way you manage your fuel?

  • Why wait for loss of power or a sputtering engine? Now you can eliminate these fuel problems with a proactive program utilizing a Fueltec mobile or automatic fuel polishing and tank cleaning system with state of the art filtration and water removal features.
  • Fueltec offers systems with lifetime stainless steel housings, LOW COST particulate filtration to one micron, military type micro-glass filter/coalescers that remove tiny droplets of water from your fuels to insure that they meets engine manufacturers cleanliness requirements.
  • Mobile fuel polishing and tank cleaning systems are used by petroleum equipment, generator, and marine service professionals for removing sludge, rust, and water from bulk storage and on-board tanks.
  • Automated systems are used at bulk fuel storage facilities, by cellular providers, government agencies, and mission critical applications at data centers and hospitals.
  • All Fueltec Systems have a 60 month limited warranty. 

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Fueltec Systems