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Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning Systems

For Cleaning Diesel, Gasoline, Ethanol Blends, and Jet Fuel

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What is Polished Fuel?

 It is essentially the removal of water, sediment and microbial contamination from such fuels as diesel, gasoline and biodiesel.  read more…..



Why do I Need It?

Without clean fuel you could suffer from unintentional engine shut down from clogged filters or fuel injection component failure. 

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You can choose a Mobile System, a Permanent Automatic Fuel Polishing System, or have the fuel professionally cleaned by a petroleum service company.  read more…

Mobile Fuel Polishing Systems

Mobile Fuel Polishing Systems

Select Your Fuel Polishing System

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Automatic Fuel Polishing Systems

Every Market Benefits With a Fueltec System

Fueltec Systems are in use worldwide

Retail Fuel Station

When your business depends on clean fuel. Fueltec has the solution for remediating phase separation in ethanol blended gasoline or removing contaminates from diesel fuel.

Mission Critical

Mission Critical

When the lights go out and your diesel engines have to operate sometimes in a life or death situation. Fueltec is there with systems tailored to your application.



Trucks and locomotives rely on clean diesel. Fueltec has the answer to keep your fleet running 24-7.



Government agencies and military units rely on all fuels: diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel. Fueltec’s systems for all fuels are in use worldwide.


Marine Fuel Cleaning

Water and contamination must be removed from both gasoline and diesel marine tanks for safe operation. When you need a system that can be used for all fuels, FuelTec has you covered.

Power Generation

Power Generation

When your diesel engines have to operate without hesitation. Fueltec has the solution to insure that your fuel is pristine.

Petroleum Well Sites


When you need a partner that understands 24-7 diesel generator operation. Fueltec is there with both mobile and permanent solutions.

Fuel Polishing Service

Fuel Polishing

If you are just starting a fuel polishing service or adding to an existing company, Fueltec has the mobile systems and support for your diverse needs.

If that were the case, our job would be a lot easier. Instead, we’ve invested the time and effort required to develop fuel purifying systems specific to the needs of today’s newest diesel and gasoline engines. There is a difference. While others are in the business of selling price, we’re in the business of protecting your equipment by providing the highest quality systems with state-of-the-art filtration to keep your fuel clean and dry.

How to Select the Right Fuel Polishing System

  • When choosing a fuel polishing system; keep in mind that 99% of the contaminates in a fuel storage tank, including water, are heavier than the fuel and will be found at the bottom 10% of the tank.

  • You won’t have to filter the entire contents of the tank unless the fuel has been disturbed or mixed. In that case it should settle to the tank bottom within 24 hours.

  • Always select a mobile fuel polishing system that has a water separator sight tube that will show you water as it is being removed from the fuel.

  • The water separator should remove water from your fuel to less than 50 parts per million with a hydrophillic cartridge. Gravity filters are not acceptable.

  • A well designed mobile system will have one micron disposable low cost filter to remove contaminates like rust, sludge, and bacteria clusters that could clog engine filters.

  • Filter and water separator housings should be made from stainless steel or other acid resistant material; powder coated steel will chip and rust in time.

  • If you will be polishing gasoline and ethanol blends as well as diesel you will need an explosion proof system.

  • When working on diesel or gasoline storage tanks that may contain some water; high speed and velocity pumps are not the answer. They will only cause more problems: diesel fuel will emulsify and not separate from the water, and ethanol blended gasoline will phase separate. It is best to use a fuel polishing system with a variable speed pump to separate the water from the fuel at a slow rate.

Fueltec’s fuel polishing systems can be found at data centers, hospitals, cellular providers, equipment and generator service companies, marinas, boat yards, mines, military installations, government agencies, power companies, and petroleum service contractors.

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