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Fuel Polishing & TANK CLEANING Systems

Purify Fuel and Clean Your Storage Tanks to Prevent Unexpected Engine Shutdown

What will you do if your engine fails due to dirty fuel? Avoid unexpected shutdown by polishing your fuel to keep it clean and dry. Fueltec Systems designs and manufactures systems for all fuels: gasoline, ethanol blends, kerosene, jet fuel, and diesel. 

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Fuel polishing and commercial cleaning of contaminated fuel tanks requires a serious filtration and water separation system. The day’s of old time filters and gravity water separators are over. Our commercial fuel polishing systems purify fuel to engine manufacturer’s cleanliness standards by removing sludge, rust, and microbial contamination to less than two microns,  and water can be removed to less than 100 PPM. 

Professional Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing Systems

Our mobile fuel polishing equipment and commercial-grade trailer systems come with everything you need to clean your fuel storage tanks, no matter how large or small.

Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Systems 100% Made in the USA

At Fueltec, we have a long heritage of building high quality commercial tank cleaning, and fuel polishing systems for diesel, gasoline, ethanol blends and jet fuel. Our first US Patent for purifying fuel was granted in 2001. Fueltec is a global leader in filtration equipment design and manufacturing with systems in use worldwide.

All of our fuel polishing carts, skids, and tank cleaning systems are designed for commercial use and are 100% manufactured in the USA by Fueltec. Our fuel filtration systems feature lifetime stainless steel filter housings. Fueltec’s automatic fuel maintenance systems work 24-7 to keep your fuel clean and dry.

Intrinsically Safe Mobile Systems for All Fuels: Gasoline, Ethanol, Diesel, and Jet Fuel

Mobile Tank Cleaning & Polishing Systems for Diesel Fuels

24/7 Fuel Polishing Systems for Critical Power Sites

Featured Video: Fuel Polishing Coalescer (Water Separator)

Seeing is believing when cleaning a fuel storage tank and polishing fuel with a Fueltec System.

When you see water rising in the sight gauge on your separator, you know for sure you are separating and removing water.

When the water stops rising in the sight gauge, the water has been removed from your tank.

When you see particulates or sludge in the primary filter bags, you know you are removing contamination from your tank.

When you see the primary filter gauge is not rising with the system running after a filter change, you know the filter is no longer collecting debris and your fuel is clean.

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Looking to Add a Fuel Polishing Service to Your Business?

If you are just starting a fuel polishing service or adding to an existing company, Fueltec has the mobile fuel polishing systems and support for your diverse needs.

We now provide financing for fuel polishing equipment so you can offer tank cleaning services immediately.

Fueltec offers a clean fuel solution to remove water, sludge and sediment down to one micron from gasoline, diesel and ethanol blend storage tanks.

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Test Your Fuel Often for Water and Sediment

A proactive fuel maintenance program is important having clean fuel. Learn how to take fuel samples, and polish with micro-glass filter/coalescers to keep your stored fuel clean and dry.

Choose fueltec for all your Tank cleaning and fuel polishing needs