Fuel Polishing Systems

Eliminate Bad Fuel and Optimize Your System to Prevent Unexpected Shutdowns

At Fueltec, we have a long heritage of building high quality commercial fuel polishing and tank cleaning systems for diesel, gasoline, ethanol blends and jet fuel. Our first US Patent for purifying fuel was granted in 2001. Fueltec is a global leader in filtration equipment design and manufacturing with fuel polishing systems in use worldwide.

All of our fuel polishing and tank cleaning systems are designed for commercial use and are 100% manufactured in the USA by Fueltec. Our fuel filtration systems feature lifetime stainless steel filter housings. Fueltec’s automatic fuel polishing systems work 24-7 to keep your fuel clean and dry.

Intrinsically Safe Mobile Fuel Polishing Systems for All Fuels

Plug ‘n’ Play Mobile Fuel Polishing Systems for Diesel Fuels Only

Stationery Fuel Polishing Systems for 24/7 Fuel Cleaning

Featured Video: How to Take Fuel Samples

Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Systems: A demonstration of how to take fuel samples with the Fueltec Sampler.,

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Fueltec Fuel Tank Cleaning Systems offer a clean fuel solution to remove water, sludge and sediment down to one micron from gasoline, diesel and ethanol blend storage tanks.

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Fuel Polishing and Tank cleaning SYSTEMS

Fueltec Systems provides a broad range of maintenance products for stored fuels worldwide.

Retail Fueling

When your business depends on clean fuel. Fueltec has the solution for remediating phase separation in ethanol blended gasoline or removing contaminates from diesel fuel.

Mission Critical

When the lights go out and your diesel engines have to operate sometimes in a life or death situation. Fueltec is there with systems tailored to your application.


Trucks and locomotives rely on clean diesel. Fueltec has the answer to keep your fleet running 24-7.


Government agencies and military units rely on all fuels: diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel. Fueltec’s systems for all fuels are in use worldwide.


Water and contamination must be removed from both gasoline and diesel marine tanks for safe operation. When you need a system that can be used for all fuels, FuelTec has you covered.

Power Generation

When your diesel engines have to operate without hesitation. Fueltec has the solution to insure that your fuel is pristine.

Petroleum Well Sites

When you need a partner that understands 24-7 diesel generator operation. Fueltec is there with both mobile and permanent solutions.

Fuel Polishing Service

If you are just starting a fuel polishing service or adding to an existing company, Fueltec has the mobile systems and support for your diverse needs.

Choose fueltec for all your Fuel cleaning and polishing needs