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Automated Fuel Polishing Systems

Automated Fuel Polishing Systems

Fueltec’s automatic fuel polishing systems are self-contained, stand-alone fuel filtration and water separation and removal systems. The CF (coalesce/filter) systems will remove and prevent the accumulation of water, sludge, and contaminants in diesel storage tanks while preventing the growth of algae (bacteria & fungus) contamination.

Fueltec’s automatic fuel filtration systems keep your fuel clean and dry 24-7 to meet or exceed diesel engine manufacturer’s cleanliness specifications.

Fueltec’s automated fuel polishing systems are designed to maintain diesel fuel held in storage:

  • Fueltec’s systems are capable of eliminating microbial contamination by removing water, sediment, and particulate to comply with diesel engine manufacturer’s cleanliness target of ISO 18/16/13.
  • The system’s supply piping shall extend to contact the storage tank bottom with a BIO-VAC® nozzle designed to maintain contact with the storage tank bottom to extract even small droplets of water. (Any water in a diesel storage tank will promote the growth of microorganisms.) The best approach to microbial contamination is prevention. The most important preventative step is keeping the amount of water in a fuel storage tank as low as possible, preferably at zero.
  • System shall be installed with supply and return piping that is exclusive to the system and independent of any other piping to or from the storage tank(s).
Automatic-fuel-polishing-system installed on two 8,000 gallon tanks

Fuel Polishing System Controllers

Fueltec’s PCB (printed circuit board) systems are used for single tank applications. This is a “set-it-and-forget-it” option. Just press Reset after service and you are good to go until the next service.

Fueltec’s PLC (programmable logic control) systems are capable of maintaining multiple storage tanks with a single system. This controller allows you to set the date, time of day, tank selection and system run duration for each tank.

Choose Your Automated Fuel Polishing System

Panel Series without Enclosure

4 GPM w/ PCB controller
Single Tank
SKU 100027

4 GPM w/ PLC controller
Single Tank
SKU 100028

Enclosed Series w/ Raintight Enclosure

Enclosed, 4 GPM w/ PCB controller. Used on one tank up to 10,000 gal.
SKU 100042

Enclosed, 4 GPM w/ PLC controller. Used on one tank up to 10,000 gal.
SKU 100053

Enclosed, 8 GPM w/ PCB controller
Single Tank

Enclosed, 8 GPM w/ PLC controller
1 to 5 Tanks

Enclosed, 22 GPM w/ PLC controller
1 to 5 Tanks

Skid Series

50 GPM w/ PLC controller
1 to 12 Tanks