CF4.0-UL-PCB Fuel Cleaning System

Automatic fuel polishing system for diesel storage tanks with solid state controller for tanks up to 10,000 gallons.

CF4.0-UL-PCB Automated Fuel Tank Cleaning System

SKU 100027

The Model 4.0-PCB is a fuel polishing system that automatically removes water and debris to prevent bacterial growth and unexpected engine shut down. 

  • A stand alone system that can be used on diesel fuel storage tanks with capacities to 10,000 gallons. 
  • In operation the system vacuums fluid from the storage tank bottom, removes water and contaminates then returns the clean dry fuel back to the tank. 
  • Maintains a condition exceeding the engine manufacturer’s recommended cleanliness levels of ISO particle code 18/16/13. 

DIGITAL Controller:

  • Controller operated fuel polishing system on for 6 hrs, then at rest for 18 hrs.
  • High separator water alarm
  • Change primary filter alarm
  • Change secondary filter alarm
  • Fluid leak alarm
  • System operating alarm

Fuel Pump:

  • Industrial bronze gear pump rated at four gallons per minute, 100% duty cycle.
  • Self priming pump lifts 16 feet and features a 115/230 Volt 60Hz 1PH Motor

Stainless Fuel/Water Separator: 

  • First phase 3 micron spin-on filter 
  • Second phase Micro-Glass (jet fuel type) Coalescer removes tiny water droplets of free and emulsified water from fuels by causing the droplets to grow larger until contained in a water trap. 
  • The third phase utilizes a water repellant Teflon screen to keep the water from flowing with the fuel. 
  • The water is removed to less than 50 parts per million as recommended by engine manufacturers. 
  • Housing heater
  • Heated equipment enclosure
  • Tank flange kit w/ telescopic pickup tube.
  • Tank Flange Kit