8 GPM-Automated-Fuel-Filtration-System

CF8.0 UL-PCB-ENC Enclosed Automated Fuel Cleaning System

SKU 100135

The Model 8.0-PLCB is an enclosed fuel polishing system that automatically removes water and debris to prevent bacterial growth and unexpected engine shut down.

  • A stand alone system that can be used on diesel fuel storage tanks.
  • In operation the system vacuums fluid from the storage tank bottom, removes water and contaminates then returns the clean dry fuel back to the tank
  • This system maintains a condition exceeding the engine manufacturer’s recommended cleanliness levels.
  • Complete factory-assembled automatic particulate filtration, water
    separation and removal system to maintain the purity of No. 2 fuel oil held in
    extended storage. The system shall circulate the oil from the storage tank,
    through the system, removing water and particulate matter, then returning
    the clean dry fuel back to the storage tank.
  • The System shall exceed diesel engine manufacturer’s cleanliness target of
    ISO 18/16/13. Water removal to less than 100 PPM
  • The system shall separate free and emulsified water from diesel fuel with a military
    type micro-glass coalescer/filter and hydrophobic water separator within a stainless
    steel top loading housing. Water absorbing filter media is not required.
  • System shall have a PCB controller that schedules system operation with alarms
    and sensors that automatically indicate filter conditions, presents of water in
    trap, and fluid leak. System includes Modbus networking kit.
  • Industrial electric control panel shall be Underwriters Laboratory 508A and CE
  • System shall be installed with supply and return piping that is exclusive to the
    system and independent of any other piping to or from the storage tank(s). System
    supply piping shall extend to contact the storage tank bottom and be designed to
    maintain contact with the storage tank bottom to extract even small droplets of

System Controller:

  • Polishing System cycle time:
  • “ON” 6 Hrs.
  • “OFF” 18 Hrs. (to let the storage tank rest and allow bottom water to pool)
  • High separator water alarm
  • Change primary filter alarm
  • Change secondary filter alarm
  • Fluid leak alarm
  • System operating
  • Underwriters Laboratory 508A Listed
  • Modbus ready (dry contacts)

Fuel Pump:

  • Industrial bronze positive displacement gear pump rated at eight gallons per minute, 100% duty cycle.
  • Self priming pump lifts 16 feet and features a 115/230 Volt 60Hz 1PH Motor

Stainless Fuel/Water Separator:

  • First phase two 3 micron spin-on filters.
  • Second phase Micro-Glass (jet fuel type) Coalescer removes tiny water droplets of free and emulsified water from fuels by causing the droplets to grow larger until contained in a water trap.
  • The third phase utilizes a water repellant Teflon screen to keep the water from flowing with the fuel.
    The water is removed to less than 50 parts per million.
    W36” x D14” x H42”
  • Housing heater
  • Heated equipment enclosure
  • Tank flange kit w/ telescopic pickup tube.
  • Mounting post 72”