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908E Mobile Fuel Tank Cleaning System

For Diesel Fuel Polishing

908E Mobile Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing System

SKU 100004

This 8 GPM/480 gallons per hour electric system is designed to safely purify fluids including diesel. hydraulic, motor oils, and kerosene to meet or exceed the latest engine manufacturer’s cleanliness specifications. Free and emulsified water can be removed to less than 50 PPM. Particulate matter is removed to one micron.

In use worldwide on:

  • Marine– marina storage tanks, and diesel boats
  • Critical Power– Hospital and Data Center generator day tanks and large storage tanks
  • Retail Fueling– C-Stores and Truck Stops underground diesel storage tanks
  • Fleet & Construction Equipment diesel fuel tanks
  • Industrial– Hydraulic and lube oils
  • Filter area 983 square inches

Not for use with fluids that have a flash point below 100 deg. F (e.g.: Gasoline, Alcohol, …)


(6 ea.) 1-Micron Particulate Filters (#241004) • (1 ea.) 5-Micron Water Separating Coalescer/Filter(#241023) • (1 ea.) 4 OZ Fuel Sampler (#100013) •  (1 ea.) 12′ x 1” Supply Hose (#100502) • (1 ea.) 12′ x 1” Return Hose (#100502) • (1 ea.) Stainless Steel/Teflon Separator Cartridge (#241033) • (1 ea.) Quick-Disconnect Right Angle Fluid Pickup Tube 1” x 40”  with BIO-VAC (#100191)