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CF50E Commercial Fuel Polishing System

Mobile Electric Fuel Tank Cleaning System For Diesel Fuels

CF50E Mobile Electric Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning System For Diesel Fuels

SKU 100009

  • 10-50 GPM 3,000 gallons per hour electric mobile fuel polishing system for diesel fuels
  • Filtration down to one micron
  • Water separation to 50 PPM
  • Variable flow rate to allow polishing 50 gallon to 50,000 gallon diesel storage tanks without causing emulsification. 
  • Filter module has 1,600 square inches of one micron bags, includes six bag filters within a stainless steel housing
  • Water separator module includes seven (7) water separator elements within a stainless steel housing.
  • Designed for easy loading and moving about your jobsite