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Fuel Cleaning Equipment Financing

Through our partnership with Patriot Capital, Fueltec Systems is pleased to provide a range of equipment financing and leasing options for your fueling polishing equipment, parts and supplies.


Apply here for rapid approval of up to $250,000 in equipment financing using Patriot Capital’s one-page application. For information on financing larger purchases, please contact Patriot at 877-527-0383 or contact your local Patriot rep.

Benefits of Financing Fuel Polishing Equipment

100% Financing

Traditional methods of financing usually do not include “soft costs” such as freight, sales tax, and additional parts. Our lease transactions allow you to finance 100% of the total equipment costs.

Conservation of Capital

Because of the sizable cash outlay involved in purchasing new fuel polishing equipment, many of our customers choose to lease/finance in order to conserve capital and manage the balance sheet.

No Liens On Land

Patriot Capital does not place liens, second mortgages, or blanket liens. The equipment acts as collateral. You retain ownership of your land and business.

Financing Your Fuel Polishing Equipment with Patriot Capital

Equipment financing is a proven method for companies and municipalities to finance equipment for fuel tank cleaning to prevent engine shutdown.

Start polishing your fuel today instead of waiting for your fuel tanks to accumulate more water, sediment and rust.

Fuel Polishing Diesel Tanks
Patriot Capital Financing


Patriot Capital is a leading source of equipment financing to SIGMA, NACS, and EMA members. The company has been recognized as Best in US for equipment financing by EMA, Energy Marketers of America. Contact a Patriot Capital representative today at 877-527-0383 and find out how you can take full advantage of leasing.