How to Choose the Best Fuel Polishing System

Are you a service company cleaning both gasoline and diesel storage tanks? You will need a mobile pneumatic fuel polishing system to get the job done safely.

Will you primarily work on diesel gen-set tanks? You may choose the convenience of an electric fuel polishing system.

Will you service larger fuel storage tanks, gas & diesel, 10,000 gal. ea. or larger? A trailer mounted self-contained pneumatic fuel polishing system will get the jobs done faster.

Do you have a site with critical power fuel storage? You will want the reliability of an automated fuel polishing system that works 24-7 to keep your fuel clean and dry.

Will you have more than one critical power fuel tank on site? You may want a multi-tank automated fuel polishing system operated by a touch screen programmable logic controller (PLC).

Examples of Fuel Polishing Systems at Work

South Florida Water Management District has over twenty (20) of Fueltec’s automated fuel polishing systems to keep their flood control pump station’s fuel clean and dry.

Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), a helicopter skiing company in western Canada owns and maintains thirty 50,000L fuel tanks which require annual cleaning. With Fuel Tec’s 955SS mobile fuel polishing system, removing water build up at the bottom of the tank has never been easier. The 955SS removes the water and sediment with virtually no fuel waste. This saves CMH thousands of dollars each year in waste fuel removal costs.

A well-known Florida Clinic with a large campus installed a Fueltec automated multi-tank fuel polishing system on five critical power diesel storage tanks of 15,000 gallons each. Their fuel tests great since the system was installed five years ago. They also have a mobile fuel polishing system to service their smaller gen-set tanks on campus.