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Why would I use a Pneumatic Fuel Polishing System?

Fueltec’s pneumatic fuel polishing systems are designed to safely purify all fuels including gasoline, ethanol blends, diesel, and jet fuel. Pneumatic systems are also used by petroleum service companies to remediate phase separated ethanol blended gasoline. With total flow control, these pneumatic systems can be used on any size fuel tank without causing emulsification or further phase separation.

When is it best to use a pneumatic fuel polishing system?

When working with volatile low flash point fuels it is always better to use an intrinsically-safe pneumatic system without electric cords or motors that could cause an explosion from heat or sparks. Damaged electric cords, damaged motor seals or bearings can all create a potential explosion. Pneumatic  systems use compressed air and a diaphragm fuel pump which is intrinsically-safe for all fuels. An air compressor can be located outside the danger zone with air lines going to the fuel pump. In addition, Fueltec’s tank cleaning systems are equipped with a static grounding device to eliminate any sparks.

Pneumatic Systems can be used with any size air compressor that delivers more than 10 CFM at 60 PSI.


Fueltec’s Model CF75 shown cleaning a 35,000 diesel storage tank used for truck fleet fueling. The contractor removed 169 gallons of sludge and 300 gallons of water from the tank bottom. After polishing for five hours the fuel  exceeded engine manufacturer’s cleanliness standards.

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