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Fueltec Model 910A Mobile Fuel Tank Cleaning System

FT 910 Mobile Fuel Tank De-Watering and Filtration System

Originally designed for recreational marine applications where fuel tanks are hard to access and with small fuel tank openings. Small tank openings require small diameter (3/8” to 1/2”) fuel pickup (or suction) tubes to get to the water on tank bottoms.
  • The FT 910A features an intrinsically safe air operated fuel pump with variable speedsto control flow rates.
  • This allows the FT 910A to be used on tanks from ten (10) gallons to ten thousand(10,000) gallons.
  • One inch of water in a 10,000 gal. round horizontal tank is approximately 17 gal.
  • The FT 910 can separate the 17 gal. from the fuel in only seventeen (1.7) minutes.