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BIO-VAC 270™ Fuel Polishing Trailers

All-in-One Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems

BIO-VAC 270 Trailer Systems

SKU 100001: 900 GPH (15 gal/min)

SKU 100002: 1,620 GPH (27 gal/min)

Fueltec’s BIO-VAC 270 self-contained trailer systems are ready to go to work. You won’t ever have to worry if you have all the equipment required for your next fuel polishing job, because these mobile trailer systems have everything you need onboard to clean your fuel tanks and purify your fuel. Each trailer system is intrinsically safe to remove fuel/water contamination down to one micron—to meet engine manufacturers’ fuel cleanliness requirements and purify gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and ethanol blends.

Which fuel polishing trailer should I choose?

The main differences in our BIO-VAC 270 line of trailer systems are the size and power of air compressor included, and the flow rate you’ll get from each. Choose from the following…

  • 11.8 CFM air compressor for polishing fuel up to 900 GPH (Trailer SKU #10001)
  • 25 CFM air compressor for polishing fuel up to 1,620 GPH (Trailer SKU #10002)
  • Need more power and higher flow rate? Check out our CF75AM Fuel Polishing Trailer System (SKU #100163) with a flow rate of up to 4,500 GPH

All Fueltec trailer systems clean your fuel tank and purify fuel with little to no loss of product! Free and emulsified water can be removed to less than 50 PPM. Particulate matter is removed to one micron.

fuel polishing trailer components

A Mobile Fuel Polishing Trailer System with Everything You Need to Get the Job Done

The BIO-VAC 270 Fuel Polishing Trailer is an all-in-one, self-contained mobile fuel tank cleaning system. It comes with everything you need to clean all types of fuel, including:

  • Choice of air compressor for your specific job and fuel tanks
  • Storage cabinet
  • Oily waste can
  • Hose reel with 100 ft of 3/8″ air hose
  • Non-skid ramp