Fueltec Model 955SS

Mobile Fuel Polishing And Tank Cleaning System

955SS Mobile Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing System

SKU 100007

This 35 GPM pneumatic system is designed to safely purify fluids including gasoline, diesel. hydraulic, motor oils, and jet fuel to meet or exceed the latest engine manufacturer’s cleanliness specifications. Free and emulsified water can be removed to less than 50 PPM. Particulate matter is removed to one micron.

In use worldwide on:

    • Marine– marina storage tanks, gasoline & diesel boats, including US Coast Guard at Guantanamo, Cuba
    • Critical Power– Hospital and Data Center generator day tanks and large storage tanks
    • Retail Fueling– C-Stores and Truck Stops underground diesel & gasoline storage tanks
    • Fleet & Construction Equipment fuel tanks
    • Remediation of phase separated ethanol blended fuels
    • Aviation Fuel Storage Tanks– Avgas and Jet-A
    • Industrial– Hydraulic and lube oil
  • Variable Flow Control (required) for removing phase separation in ethanol blended gasoline 
  • Filter Area 1,683 Square Inches
  • Intrinsically Safe for Gasoline
  • Static Grounding Reel Included

The 955SS system also includes:

(6 ea.) 1-Micron Particulate Filters (#241004) • (1 ea.) 5-Micron Water Separating Coalescer/Filter(#241024 ) • (1 ea.) 4 OZ Fuel Sampler (#100013) • (1 ea.) 12′ x 1-1/2” Supply Hose (#100154) • (1 ea.) 12′ x 1” Return Hose (#100502) • (1 ea.) Stainless Steel/Teflon Separator Cartridge (#241033) • (1 ea.) Quick-Disconnect Right Angle Fluid Pickup Tube 1” x 40”  with a BIO-VAC Nozzel (#100191) • (1 ea.) Chassis Ground Cable Reel (#100192) •


In operation the system pulls fluid from the fuel tank bottom by a vacuum created by the fuel pump. A bag type filter is first to remove sludge and solid contaminates from the tank bottom fluid which may also contain water.

The fuel/water mix leaves the fuel pump under pressure and is forced through a filter/ coalescer where the tiny water droplets are made larger and separate from the fuel. The Teflon separator prevents the water droplets from traveling with the fuel. The water falls to the bottom of the water trap.

A clear sight tube allows you to see the level of the water that has been separated. With the system running; you can open a valve and send the water to a waste container and the clean fuel back to the fuel storage tank. The water level in the sight tube stops rising when all of the water has been vacuumed and separated from the fuel storage tank.


Model FT 955SS

  • Chassis Construction Steel and Aluminum Brite Tread
  • Filter Housings Stainless Steel
  • Maximum lift 22 feet
  • Working pressure fuel max. 60 PSI
  • Pump rated flow rate range 0 -2,100 Gallons per hour * Water Trap two (2) Gallons US
  • Compressed Air Required: 60 psi at 10-25 CFM
  • Width: 32” Depth: 47” Overall Height 60”
  • Pump 1” Air Operated Diaphragm
  • Inlet 1-1/2”, Outlets 1”, Cam-Loc w/ Ball Valves
  • Hose Supply 1-1/2” X 12’, Return 1” X 12’
  • Vacuum Gauge 2” liquid filled
  • Sludge Filters 24” Fueltec Bag
  • Water Coalescer/Separator micro-glass 20”
  • Water Separator Teflon hydrophobic
  • Air Regulator 3/8”
  • Extra Fuel Hose 1” x 12’ w/ cam & groove fittings
  • Extra Fuel Hose 1” x 25’ w/ cam & groove fittings
  • Fuel Sampler Kit 8 oz.  (Fuel Sampler 4 oz. is included with the 955SS System)
  • Manifold 2” supply & return