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Adding a Fuel Polishing Service to Your Business

Don’t limit your Fuel Polishing Service to Diesel Fuel only

Purify Fuel and Clean Storage Tanks for All Types of Fuel

Fueltec Systems designs and manufactures systems for all fuels: gasoline, ethanol blends, kerosene, jet fuel, and diesel. Commercial fuel polishing systems purify fuel to engine manufacturer’s cleanliness standards by removing sludge, rust, and microbial contamination to less than two microns.

Not ready to buy? Learn about our Financing for Fuel Polishing Equipment.

Finding customers:

Offer FREE Sampling of Fuel Storage Tanks

Seeing is believing when sampling a fuel storage tank. Use Fueltec’s 4 oz. fuel sampler or 8 oz. fuel sampler kit.

When water or particulates are found, the owners next question is: when can you remove it and what will it cost? Hopefully ASAP.

Seeing is Believing! Fuel Polishing Water Separation

Seeing is believing when cleaning a fuel storage tank and polishing fuel with a Fueltec System.

When your customers see water rising in the sight gauge on your separator, they know for sure that you are separating and removing water.

When the water stops rising in the sight, the water has been removed from the tank.

When your customers see particulates or sludge in the primary filter bags, they know that you are removing contamination from their tank.

When your customers see the primary filter gauge is not rising with the system running after a filter change. They know that the filter is no longer collecting debris and their fuel is clean.

fuel polishing mobile trailer


  • C-Stores
  • Truck Stops
  • Marinas
  • Fleets


  • Data Centers


  • Trucking
  • Railroads


  • Pleasure Boats
  • Commercial Boats
  • Boat Yards




Financing for Fuel Polishing Equipment

If you are just starting a fuel polishing service or adding to an existing company, Fueltec offers options to finance fuel polishing equipment. Don’t let the initial cost of fuel tank cleaning equipment keep you from adding fuel polishing to your business.

Industries in need of Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Services

A variety of fuels are stored worldwide, and are constantly in need of testing and routine maintenance. Here are some of the opportunities for your business to provide fuel polishing services.

Retail Fueling


Gas stations and C-stores rely on clean fuel. You can provide the solution for remediating phase separation in ethanol blended gasoline or removing contaminates from diesel fuel.

Mission Critical


When the lights go out, diesel engines have to operate—sometimes in a life or death situation. You can offer systems tailored to any application.



Trucks and locomotives rely on clean diesel. Your Fueltec system will have the answer to keep their fleets running 24-7.


Government agencies and military units rely on all fuels: diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel. Fueltec’s systems for all fuels are in use worldwide.



Water and contamination must be removed from both gasoline and diesel marine tanks for safe operation. Fueltec marine fuel polishing systems are designed specifically for boats.

Power Generation


Diesel engines in industry have to operate without hesitation. Automated fuel polishing systems ensure fuel is clean and working to its best quality.

Petroleum Well Sites


Partner with well sites to offer 24-7 diesel generator operation. You can provide both mobile and permanent solutions.

Choose fueltec for all your Tank cleaning and fuel polishing needs